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The company "Fayne Svjato" - professional technical support of solemn events.

"Fayne Svjato" is not only the technical support of the celebrations, but above all a professional approach to their own business built over the years. By investing maximum effort in this project, we provide you with a comfortable rest and cozy atmosphere.
About the company

"Fayne Svjato" is a young but ambitious agency for the organization of the celebrations.Creative team of light and sound technicians, pyrotechnicians, designers, musicians and singers, disco jockeys, managers. We are united by the goal - to change the way we do business in the show business industry. From corporate parties to concerts on the big stage, we create events that remain in the memory and the press.
Our team focuses exclusively on quality. We are ready to improvise and perform various plans and options. "Fayne Svjato" focuses on all your possible needs and goes beyond the activities of most traditional technical agencies.
Any event does not happen by itself. By investing in your projects, our skill, dedication, determination, experience, diligence, talent and long hours of work, we invest primarily in our future and the future of our company. We understand the importance of saving your money and time, the importance of our promises.
Scripting and detailed timing
General readiness check
Elaboration of the request regarding the concept of the event
Meeting with the customer
Development of an agreed location
Approval of the concept of the event and accompanying estimates
Selection of all the necessary elements of the event: show, artists, location, etc.
Holding an event
3D location modeling
Departure for installation and preliminary preparation

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